Football and Fantasy? Really?

Can Fantasy and Football be used in the same sentence?

It’s back. Football season has started and for some (men) it is a fantasy – for others (women) a nightmare.

If ever there was a ‘control issue’ it has to be – not remote – but thriving in living rooms, dens, family rooms across America. The great debate continues: how many hours can a guy watch football on TV every weekend? This is a trick question. Go ahead: consult your tea-leaves, the phone tree, and your oracle at Delphi. Call your psychic. There is no concrete answer. Some say, as long as there is a football game on TV– men will watch. Others refine their football viewing to specific teams.

Hey, boys… there is a reason a woman invented TIVO.

Ladies, football is a tough act to follow.

Take it from me, this is the one time you can try to make a pass at your beau, you can allude to a ‘touchdown’ or “hang time” As long as he has his 3R’s: Recliner, Refrigerator, Remote Control and football, include him out. You are merely interference and an encroachment.

If you are like many American women – you’ve tried to make a pass, you scramble for his affection. Darn, false start. You’ve given him a two-minute warning, No response. You’ve felt rejected, dejected and down-and-out. You’ve even gone so far as to make a second very forward pass. You want to play and he wants to watch.

Men and football…best advice:

Ladies, understand: You don’t have the home- field advantage. You can easily and quickly learn to enjoy the game or enjoy some hang time with other football widows. Get your backfield in motion, say a Hail Mary and roll out and go shopping for yardage, Feeling creative? Get in the spirit of things and make a red shirt. That’s code. Code for pursue your own fantasy and play.

Go see a chick flick, go for a jog, a hike, grab the kayak, take the dog to the dog park and have fun. He’ll be yours after the game.

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