Top 10 Page Larkin Posts on Dating at 50

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Remember the courtroom scene in the movie, Miracle on 34th Street where a gaggle of postmen deliver bags and more bags of letters to Santa Claus? I get mail. Already this year, there have been reams of lengthy diatribes, quick notes, short and sweet tweets, and a lollapalooza of text messages – both for and against the opinions of this humble writer.

Feedback: Static and Volatile

2011 Top 10 Favorite Page Larkin Columns

  1. Before Yahoo Personals, Ourtime, Senior Dates,and Eharmony there were two guys in a dorm – with a dream–  at Santa Clara University. It was, Science Friday and the very first computer dating company
  2.  Since the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve, it has been a baffling mystery – the age old Gordian knot: What do men really want women to know?
  3. The Kentucky Derby inspired the mother of all weekends: horses, hats, hearts, and hello! The column earned a landfall of neighs and yays.
  4. Today, it was said there have been three important apples in world history: the one with Adam and Eve; the apple with Sir Isaac Newton and and Steve Jobs and his Apple. Be sure to see:  ilove Apple and all the fanboys.
  5. Women are loquacious, it’s what we do. However, this gift of gab and volubility – begs the question: is there such a thing as TMI? You betcha. Too much information on your dating profile can be a major turn-off. Writer beware.Less is more.
  6. Don’t Give up! Every once in awhile, you hear about  50-something, frustrated daters, folding up their tents, and quitting the dating game. Remember, don’t give up on dating just learn the rules and learn which ones to break. It will all be okay.
  7. Bye, bye Oprah:It was a very sad day, when everybody’s best friend, Oprah, retired. See: Oprah retires-the party is over.
    8. Melancholy Baby? Got a Room at the Heartbreak Hotel?   No Room Service- Move out
    9. Isn’t it romantic?  Tea and Tivo: The Royal Wedding was a true show stopper. Thousands of people called in sick that day- and stayed home to sip tea and dine on crumpets and jam as they watched. The Wedding: all about TiVocupcakes

    10.  Flirt Early – and  Flirt Often    Any great Dating at 50 Diva or Docent, with an imagination and a true desire to see her clients go forth and multiply good times will organize a Downtown San Francisco Scavenger hunt.                                                                                                                   The Fabulous Female Flirting graduates painted San Francisco’s Union Square red. A huge success by all accounts

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.”    Ingrid Bergman

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