Got a friend with Benefits?

Tess, 39 perpetually, just got hired by Macy’s.

She is the self proclaimed ‘Blender Babe’ of the Kitchenware department.

Her itsy-bitsy miniscule paycheck  is overshadowed by the promise of ‘benefits.”

In eight weeks, Tess will be granted a decent Health Benefits package.

          Hey, the  mantra

these days is,

“it’s all about the benefits, friend.”

During the Human Resources Hustle orientation, Tess said the well rehearsed, fast-talking, instructor explained that benefits were just like dating: “For 2 months we check you out. We watch you and we see how you perform; if you show up on time, if you are loyal and passionate.

  • If you do as you promise, we will be your friends, with benefits”.
    “If you don’t call, don’t show up, fool around, cheat, lie or steal, we withhold benefits and,  Honey ~  you are history!  Buh–bye…

This was a metaphor Tess readily “got”  and she marveled how Romance and Retail mirrored one another.

She is all about benefits. And shopping around…shop, shop, shop around~~~Great advice in romance and retail- all year long

Friends~ we all know about brand loyalty, performing well, and integrity. My friend with benefits, Tess, is ready to blend.

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