San Francisco hot spots for great dates

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Fall is in the air and San Francisco is alive with unique, cool, and extraordinary great-date-sites:

  1. Best bakery du jour?  B Patissiere. On California and Divis.
  2. Best beginner yoga for couples: The Mindful Body Stretch and check out all classes with ‘Dee B’. You’ll love her.
  3. Best place for an awesome burger date (expensive) – Lark Creek Steak at Westfield Center
  4. Best rooftop date restaurant with a spectacular view of San Francisco at the exotic Medjool
  5. Best place for a Cold One and a Hot One:Public Glass  Hot glass Cold beer Feb 11 6-10pm
  6. Best elegant brunch date: the famed Big Four at the Huntington hotel Smile when you say, Mimosa please.
  7. Best place for climbing the wall together  Planet Granite
  8. Best comfort food, cooked at home, dinner date: Ciao, Baby!  My Nonni’s Italian Raviolis and Meat Sauce
  9. Best vegan and unique restaurant – out in the Avenues- for a hot date Outerlands
  10. Best place to wander around on a Saturday morning the San Francisco Farmer’s market at the Ferry building
  11. Best all-time, most scenic, walk: venture across the Golden Gate Bridge; or explore the hills and dales of Golden Gate Park – an explosion of beautiful spring flowers and colors
  12. Best way to get to and from SF? Hop Aboard: The Larkspur Ferry
  13. Best bookstore in Marin: Book Passages

14. Best trivia night:the Broken Drum in San Rafael, with the famed emcee with panache,~~~~~~~~~~ Howard Rachelson~~~                                     15.

Best downtown Saturday night entertainment: Blues performer Earl Thomas and the Blues Ambassadorsbiscuit and blues
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