Looking for Fun? Go to your room – in San Francisco

Top Five Rooms in San Francisco Go to Your Room

Looking for a fun place for great date in San Francisco? Go to your room. Seriously.  Here are the Top Five Rooms in the City:

Tonga Room As a 10 year old, I was mesmerized by the glamorous Tonga Room located in the fabulous Fairmont Hotel. What’s not to love? Think: Tiki Room without the birds. There is an  indoor pool, intermittent tropical rain showers with lightening and thunder, a live band and yummy Shirley Temples with paper umbrellas. Thirty years later (work with me here), the Tonga Room still holds a certain allure. It’s fun and kitschy. If you haven’t been, go now.

The Boom Boom Room at 1601 Fillmore near the Sundance Movie Complex. Located in” the heart of San Francisco’s old Fillmore district”, the club calls itself “a sultry, down-home Juke Joint providing cocktails, dancing live Blues, Boogie, Groove & Soul music six nights a week”. Great music, dancing, and parades of interesting people. Be one of those interesting people.

Rrazz Room at the Hotel Nikko is an intimate lobby level cabaret. Standup and take notice: Virtual legends grace the stage: (Mort Sahl Judy Collins, The Shirelles, ) on  There are true luminaries performing at the Razz – check out the  do -not -miss- events – in a great room. Upscale casual attire.Cover/2 drink minimum.

The Make Out Room     If you don’t love the name, you’ll love the eclectic mix of talent and venues. There is a mélange of indie, punk, new wave music as well as the painfully honest readings from brave souls who get mortified as they take the stage and read from their high school diaries and musings. Mortified has been called funny and horrifying, as well as embarrassing and angst written. Another major favorite is “Writers with Drinks” dubbed “a spoken word variety show”. Be certain to seek out the next fun and stylish Cordarounds fashion show. You’ll make out.

Moss Room  The star in the crown at the incredible California Academy of the Sciences, the Moss Room is located just below the academy café. Open seven days a week for lunch and Wednesday through Sunday for dinner, recently awarded three stars by the San Francisco Chronicle. Some say it is one of the most beautiful dining rooms in the country, featuring a dramatic living wall, sparkling and shimmering with light and water. Tres cher, tres chic and tres bien.

Remember: Every Thursday celebrates Nightlife at the California Academy of the Sciences. 6pm-10pm $10.00 Admission

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