Top Ten: Worst First Dates –

Everyone has a “worst first date” storyand, usually, is willing to share. Perhaps your egregious first date story doesn’t rival the movie, “Carrie”   however, there are some nightmare first date stories.

A flurry of emails from readers and a random poll with the Date Watchers in the Yoga Babes– indicates women know exactly what they don’t want to do on a first date..

If you really want to turn somebody off- make them uncomfortable – have a lousy date, any of these

Top 10 Worst First  are guaranteed to spoil the day:

  1. Play Paint Ball   Way too Deer Hunter for most women
  2. Karaokenot an intoxicating way to spend time- no matter how well you warble.
  3. Spelunking – Exploring Caves – an acquired taste –most are too dark, too dull and too much for a first date. Think: picnic instead.
  4. Ceramic-making at a cutesy place for kids called something like “Fire Me Up.”
  5. Go-Cart Riding in Burlingame  Driving to the Peninsula is enough for one day – why ruin it with more road rage?
  6. Kite Surfing or Paddle boarding – Falls under the too much, too soon, too cold. Who wants to wear a wet suit on the first date?
  7. Pole dancing lessons some people lap it up – others wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot…too much, too soon, too fast.
  8. See the Pyramids? She thought he meant Cairo Egypt- he meant an Amway  meeting.
  9. Swimming in the San Francisco Bay – You maybe a member of the famed Polar bear club or a Tri Athlete- save the show- off until after the first date.
  10. Naked Workshops – Sure, developing rapport, closeness, and intimacy are all goals of a long-term relationship. Getting HAI on date number one- not so much.

On the first date you want to relax, be on your best behavior, get to know the other person. The goal is to enjoy yourself in low-key, fun, maybe even unique –situation.

Get out there and play.

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