Hug, kiss, shake hands? First date protocol?

photo_2990_20070822Oh, happy day… a date!

The first date. It finally happened.

After weeks of trawling online for a kindred spirit, you’ve connected with someone you rather like.You exchanged the requisite three e-mails, two telephone calls, and both decided upon meeting for the proverbial   ‘coffee date.’

Avoid these Top 10 blunders and bloopers. Remember: Never Ever

1. Arrive late and fail to apologize.

2. Post an ancient photo of yourself, which doesn’t remotely resemble you.

3. Assume the other person will pay for coffee. You are a big girl/boy.

4. Take and make phone calls during the date.

5. Share details about your divorce. Nobody wants to hear about it. Really.

6. Advertise you are divorced, when you’re really separated. Truth in advertising is big in this area, too.

7. Ask your date how much they weigh, their height, age, or salary.

8. Regale your date with stories of your past trophy dates and exploits.

9. Step out for a smoke. Return with a toothpick.  Yawn. Three strikes – yer’ out!

10. “Go HR”  this is supposed to be a coffee date, not a job interview.


 Hugs: To hug or not to hug? That is the question

As the date ends and you are reluctantly leaving one another, you can gauge the level of interest instantly. It’s the old handshake versus hug conundrum. Do they go for the handshake or the light hug? 

A perfunctory handshake (no Rosetta Stone required here)   simply means, “It was nice meeting you. Next.”

Whereas, a light hug means, “ Let’s do this again.”  



The Top Five Most Popular Hugs

1. The FBH – The Full Body Hug –One person envelops the other in a total, head to toe hug. The two fit like a glove.

2. The Triple Pat – Both individuals come in for a quick shoulder bump, each person applies three quick pats on the back, followed by the shove-off. You may hear the word “dude’ uttered.

3. The Donald Duck– The Hugger bends at the waist, allows for a quick peck on the cheek and does not allow body contact from the shoulders down.

4. The K.I.S.S. – Classic Keep it Simple and Superficial Hug – consists of leaning in, and air kisses on both cheeks. Actual physical contact verboten.

5. The Ecstatic Embrace – If you have more time – 90 minutes- you might want to try the Ecstatic Embrace. How much is that free hug? Are you too busy for a hug?

La dolce vita- Italians really know how to hug, right? This simple experiment, Free Hugs, takes place in Italy and speaks volumes.

How would you react to an offer for a free hug?

Click here: YouTube – Free Hugs in Sondrio, Italy

* kiss

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