Top10 Places to Meet Women in Marin

Where do you go to meet women in Marin County? Everywhere…

Demographics~ darling. It’s all about demographics.

Take a look:  there are more single women, per capita, than single men…

Here are The Top 10 Places to Meet Women in Marin…

1. Film Festivals – There are more film festivals per capita in Marin than any other county in California- and just being there is a natural way to encounter a kindred spirit. The  Mill Valley Film Festival is, by far, the best. Mark your calendar.  In addition to the best films, great parties, easy access, you’ll find happy people everywhere.

Suggestion: nonchalantly comment on a genre, director, star, the long line or paucity of tickets. It all starts with a question… “Do you know? Fill in the blank and start a conversation. Lights, camera, action.

2. Trader Joe’s – especially on Sunday from 7 PM to 9 PM (and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…) Ask a question – “Excuse me, which do you prefer?” or “Hey, do you know how to pick out good apples?”

(Yes, Virginia: Each of the Whole Foods stores falls into same category for great place to pick up … or pick up- a quart of….)

3. Lectures-at Book Passages – Hottest Free ticket in Marin for a parade of amazing authors. Small stage and big stars. Events (free) usually attract SRO (standing room only) ALSO: Marin Arts Center, Marin Osher JCC, the Mill Valley Library, Falkirk, San Domenico, etc

4. Volunteer – at the Big Event: The Mill Valley Film Festival – the Dipsea, LITQUAKE, the Labor Day Sausalito Art Festival, any Wine Tasting. Bonus: volunteer and you get to attend the venue for free and mingle with the attendees. Remember: the Volunteer Party post-event: a must.

5. Yoga classes – Hands down this has to be the best place to meet women; odds are generally 10 women to 1 guy… and women have a soft spot in their hearts (or soles) for a guy who happens to wander into a yoga class. Do a little research and find beginner classes and start there. Check out Thursday – 730 PM- Sausalito-Rec. Room – City Hall -with Richard -for a real beginner, small, nicely paced, entre…

You’ll thank me. Despite popular Marin Myths- there are not yoga studios on every street corner – due diligence required.

6. Bookstores – Hey, it’s where we hang out. Note: 67% of all books are sold to Single Women. You do the math. Ask a question, (i.e. “Excuse me, is this author any good?”  Or “Do you like ____?”)book

7. Cupcake stores, Sweet bakeries– (think Sprinkles the famed Oprah Best Pick genre). Okay, sweetie, so we indulge. Sit down, have a cup of coffee and engage. Best question for you to ask? How about, “Which is your favorite?” or “I want to buy my mom a treat- what do you suggest?”

8.Coffee Shops …women of a certain age prefer  Peet’s over Starbucks and eschew Formica tabletops. Okay, and we really like the Depot Booksore and cafe…

9. Wine Shops (Vintage Wine/Spirits, Marin Bev Outlet, Mill Valley Market, etc)  Aren’t we all looking for the same thing? A decent Pinot noir and a bon soir?]

10. On the Street – at The Rafael Theater- famous for great films, Members Nights, Free Films for the Public – this place rocks and has a half dozen great pre-post ‘Movie date’ cafes, pubs, restaurants within 30 steps. Scour The Pacific Sun for “multiple listings” of Marin events.raf theatreee

Shhh…a secret: Women Love Men Who Dance

It’s not really a secret: Just ask. Women heartily agree men who dance are a lot more fun and a lot more interesting.

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