Top Ten Things To Do in San Francisco

The Top 10 Best Fun Activities to Go, See, and Do in San Francisco this weekend

1.Best Island Hopping Tour – also known as the Heaven and Hell Tour – see both Angel Island and Alcatraz. The Alcatraz & Angel Island in a day tour showcases two most famous and historically rich islands, Alcatraz Island and Angel Island State Park. The tour is offered on weekends April through June. Tour is approximately 5 1/2 hours long and departs from Pier 33 Alcatraz Landing at 9:30am.

2.Best Place to See a Poem as Lovely as a Tree– Golden Gate Park – Check out the hotbed of activity at the lovely Rose Garden To date, there are more than 60 spectacular rose beds planted on the premises. A huge treat for all the senses.

3.Best Place to Read, Recite, Reflect – after all it is National Poetry Month, the Shakespeare Garden at Golden Gate Park (See Top Ten Romantic Poems- Chick Magnet)

4. Take the Ferry to the SF Farmers Market sometimes called “The Golden Ghetto”  check out the aubergine and tangerine, enjoy quaffing champagne, or sample at the Caviar Bar, select and assemble divine picnic items, revel in the sweet smells of butter, sugar and cinnamon wafting from the numerous bakeries, indulge in a Blue Bottle coffee…enjoy the towers of stunningly beautiful fresh flowers, and gaze at the $$$  Cowgirl Creamery cheeses. Walk along the waterfront …

5. Best Place for Stargazing: One of the Bay Area’s most spectacular sights: in Marin County, of course: Mount Tamalpais

6.Best Sans Clothes Beach: Baker (don’t forget the sunscreen) Beach

7.Best-dressed beach: Stinson Beach

8.Best Place to Watch Sunrise in San Francisco: How high can you go? Twin Peaks

9. Got Hives? Bee a Honey and  Save the Bees~ seek out Her Majesty, the Queen Bee~ Cameo Wood, who started a wonderful Save the Bees solution: Her Majesty’s Secret Beekeeper. San Francisco’s Mission District is the home of the consummate beekeeping mecca in California. HMS Beekeeper has every conceivable beekeeping supply as well as candles, soaps, a vast array of excellent honey. Owner, Cameo Wood, reports there are now over 500 home beekeepers in San Francisco. Urban beekeeping, or backyard beekeeping, is taking off in a major way in the Bay Area.   What’s in your backyard?

10.Best Place for Kite-boarding is Crissy Field – and in San Mateo Coyote Point. Both locales are great for watching or participating. Like standup? How do they do that? Standup Paddle Board . Cruise scenic Richardson Bay in Marin County.

Have a glorious week end.  Thank your Mother- earth…

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