Willie Nelson: Shear Joy and a new look

Here comes the grooming: a hairy debate

One of the most beloved country western singers, Mr. Stardust himself, Willie Nelson got a super cut. It is a newsworthy and remarkable hair cut. For as long as anyone can remember, Willie Nelson has worn distinctive braids and long flowing tresses. Women swoon over this rugged, sexy, singer, songwriter, actor, and activist. His distinctive voice coupled with charisma and memorable songs account for his longevity. And, he had a unique look. Now, it has been announced that Willie has done the unthinkable: he cut his hair. What did he say to his barber? “If You’ve Got the Money Honey I’ve Got the Time.”

Reckless Relationship

The most famous haircut in the history of the world happened to Samson. You may recall, Samson was the better half of that biblical story about what can happen if you fall asleep on the job. Delilah, the seductress, was able to clip Samson’s powerful mane as he slept and his legendary powers disappeared.

The City look: don’t split hairs

As a rule, men in San Francisco wear their hair short. It’s rare to see men in the City with hair below their collar. In Silicon Valley, it’s a whole different hairstyle. Many aging engineers still embrace the once-popular, ever dwindling, ponytail. Where is Delilah when you need her?

Men, take note: a good haircut can easily take 10 years off your appearance. In this economy, $100 haircuts on Sacramento Street are a thing of the past. If your girlfriend is suggesting a change, here is a simple solution: Supercuts in West Portal.

Get in line for a great haircut with Victor- price: $19.57.Your super powers will not be affected.

So Willie Nelson, with a new coif, looking younger and more handsome will be- BlueSkies and On the Road Again – hunting another kind of mousse. Bravo, Willie.

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