Spring and romance are in the air: Spring Fling?

Got Game?

Spring is  the time for love, romance, flirting and getting back in the Dating Game…Here is a list of songs ~ and ideas ~to inspire!

1. KissesSweeter than Wine ~ ~ keep mediocrity away – seek out small amounts of exquisite chocolate at Chocolate Covered and Recchiuti at the Ferry Building. Give out Kisses and hugs.

2. Just Kidding -I dream a dream– Play and let your child-like creativity and imagination soar at the magical Disney Museum located at the Presidio.

3. Floral Fantasy – spring is in the air – hallelujah – stroll through Golden Gate Park to see acres of  roses, tulips, daffodils and pink popcorn like cherry blossoms in full bloom.

4. Get progressive Happy Together – Arrive on Muni or Bart to Market Street and walk through Union Square, grab a coffee at Rulli, continue up very colorful Grant Street to Chinatown, cross bawdy Broadway to North Beach to have appetizers and a beverage; continue to Fisherman’s Wharf for a crab cocktail; treat yourself. Irish Coffee anyone? Take the Cable Car back.

5. Poetry in Motion – I’m in the mood for love – Pick up a slim volume of poems by Billy Collins, Kay Ryan, or Mary Oliver – Memorize one poem. See Robert Burns- My Luve is like a red red rose…

6. Watch it – I only have eyes for you – and Seasonal Celluloid. Romantic chick flicks are fun, light, romantic and inexpensive. Imagine – An Affair to Remember or join the Jane Austen Book Club. Women love chick flicks and men who ….tolerate…enjoy…Introduce “NEW” and Check out these new movies:  “Exit through the Gift shop and Life 2.0.

7. Come Fly with Melove potion number 9- get thee to – Swan’s Oyster Depot on Polk Street.

8. Get Nautical Hey, big spender – take the Sausalito Ferry and – walk the line – from the ferry to Marin’s best Chinese restaurant: the fabulous  Tommy’s Wok.

9. Gifted? make someone happy read The 29 Gifts and skip to the generous of spirit theme. Next: pay it forward. It all  starts with a smile

10. Smile a little smile and say hello, hello, to three strangers every day this week. And next week, too.

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