Men of a Certain Age – hot? Absolutely

Hands down, one of the best shows on TV is “Men of a Certain Age”.

TNT’s new Monday night show, starring Ray Romano Scott Bakula, and Andre Braugher is a homerun. It’s not a sitcom and it’s not a drama, but it’s very funny and poignant.

It is Appointment TV – NOTE: Monday Feb 22 is Season Finale
The show is the  story of three men who are college buddies, 30 years slide by home base, and they find themselves pushing 50. Pushing 50 like Sisyphus. They are proof positive that growing up is hard to do.

Boys to Men with a side order of Peter Pan

Romano’s character, Joe, is an extremely likable, newly separated, father of two, who has a gambling problem: the source of his impending divorce. Grappling with his new status of separated and single, he lives in a hotel, where, like “Cheers”, everyone knows his name. Andre Braugher, as Owen, is married with kids and a mortgage and working for his taskmaster, ramrod straight father.     Scott Bakula, as Terry, the  bachelor and aging actor, nibbles humble pie as he attempts to re-invent himself once again.   Dating a girl half his age, he remains alone and lonely; he sometimes dreams of a bride, babies and a home in the suburbs.

“Men of a Certain Age” is not total comedy; it’s not a drama. Please don’t call it a dramedy. The jokes are smart, the writing is bright and the characters engage you. The male point of view is insightful and hilarious. If you have ever wondered, just how complicated is the male mind? What are they thinking? Watch this show.

Start at to catch up.     The First Episode is so great~

A quick tally among women of a certain age, the majority agrees –“Men of a Certain Age” is Appointment TV. Mark your calendars for Monday at 10 o’clock TNT.

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