Les Paul – a love story – making beautiful music together

Les Paul was a visionary, a genius, a pioneer and a legend

Appropriately, much will be written about the man and the legend.

In 2008, PBS presented an excellent and comprehensive documentary about Les Paul and his myriad accomplishments in music and development from the age of 12  He died today at age 94.

red-319374__180Love Story

Beyond the absolutely incredible accomplishments of Les Paul – many are enamored by the love story of Les Paul and his wife, partner, collaborator, Mary Ford, and the beautiful music they made together.

Their story inspires. They worked –side by side – creating and broadcasting music from their own home. That’s right. Les and Mary broadcast radio shows from their kitchen and living room. Paul’s inventiveness and creativity were astonishing and still, 50 years later, considered cutting edge.

By the early ’50s, Les Paul and Mary Ford were one  of the biggest acts in the music business, with a TV show, a radio show and a string of hit records. In 1951 they sold six million records. Their hits included “How High the Moon” “Bye Bye Blues”   “The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise” and     “Vaya Con Dios.”

    And, get this, these songs featured Mary harmonizing with herself, giving the vocals a totally new and unique sound.

Mary Ford died in 1977.

Les and Mary were business partners, collaborators, lovers and an extraordinary team. Vaya Con Dios.

“Music, when soft voices die

Vibrates in the memory “

~Percy B. Shelley


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