No Pants Day in San Francisco? Try it on

There is a movement afoot to try on May 6 as

National No Pants Day

Likely, those celebrating Cinco de Mayo at a famed tequila bar, like Tommy’s Mexican, and others swilling way too much Patron tequila- might feel inspired and inclined to participate in No Pants Day.

Would it Kill You to Laugh?                  

This proposed fashionable holiday encourages people (more like members of the ephemeral 20 – 30 club) to don miniskirts, very long shirts, wild boxers of every shape and color- the more bizarre the better. Is there a fashionable alternative?

Once upon a time,a long time ago, The Gap was the single, solitary, go-to-store for all non-Levi pants. Unlike today, the stores were very few and far between, and as popular as Margarita, last night.

Sexiest Store in San Francisco – Ladies Go Gaga for Kilts

Smart women park their cars at the Sutter/Stockton Garage, not because it is reasonable, but because around the corner is the sexiest store on Union Square.

No, Binkie, not Victoria’s-can’t keep a-Secret; the Kilt Store, also known as William Glen & Son.

In addition to a vast collection of stunning sweaters, tweeds, woolens, Scottish Whiskey and all things remotely Scottish, there’s always a good-looking man clad in a handsome kilt, standing around. Forget the hackneyed cliché about a man in a uniform; a man in a kilt is a thing to behold. William Glen & Son sells and, sit down for this, rents kilts. Now, that is inspired. You can rent a kilt. What a great solution to No Pants Day.

So, on No Pants Day, drop thou trou, thou bloomers, britches, pantaloons and pedal pushers. Cancel your slacks and your sweats, chaps,and chinos.

Get kilt at William Glen and Son.

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The Matchmaker Rip Off? Dating 101

Scam Alert: Beware the So Called Matchmakers

Suddenly Single in Marin

gallowayrind-930410__180The Big Matchmaker Rip Off? A rose by any other name…

CA Singles has lots of names: Sonoma Singles, Walnut Creek Singles, and Sacramento Singles…Ironically, they call themselves “A Matchmaking Service.“

Evidently, Service is one thing you wont find. And Matches? Not going to happen. They will take your money. And promise you dates galore. They have “sales offices” all over the state.


Mike W. (67, runner, widow, photographer, chef) reports Janelle in Santa Rosa interviewed him. In a 90-minute interview, she sold him the Dating Deluxe 18-month, $6000 program.

He was told they had approximately 800 people who were potential matches for him when he signed up. Wowser! Mike W was elated. A successful businessman and widow of two years, he was ready to pony up this extravagant amount of money for such high returns.

His Matchmaker confided, they didn’t use a computer (those new fangled contraptions.) Everything was done…

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The real secret to Dating at 50+ Success?

The Secret to Dating Success? Read this:

Suddenly Single in Marin

happy woman

 What is the current, sexy, top secret to dating success?

Pssst: It doesn’t involve  diamonds, lavish gifts  or Champagne and flirty bon mots at Cavallo Point. Hot cars, high heels, or hefty portfolios are not the piece de’ resistance. Even the sculpted, varnished Barbie or Ken Doll Perfect, nip and tuck, make-over isn’t the key.

The passport to meeting the love of your life, or your newest friend, or your Date for Life is simple: Low Expectations.

couple-437987__180Blinded by fairy tales, unrealistic dreams, gently inflated egos and sky-high hopes for Prince Charming – or a really sexy Cinderella – Single and 50 people cruise by one another all  day long...

Get real.

Delete the:  “My Man Must over 6′, healthy, wealthy and wise” or “She Should Be: athletic, svelte, sexy, and able to change into a little black dress or jeans in the blink of an eye.”

Lower your expectations –  

Smile and  say…

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Top 10 Reasons he will ask you out again

Yes! Top 10 Reasons- Second Date

Suddenly Single in Marin

wedding-495271__340We all do it. We wonder, mull, ponder and dwell on it. We dissect and thoroughly analyze.

Eve is probably the only woman in history who didn’t worry about the competition.

We get bewitched, bothered and bewildered wondering if the first date went well and if he will ask you out again? Do an instant replay. While a scorecard isn’t necessary, there are some very definite clues.

Here they are: The Top 10 Reasons He Will Ask You Out Again

1. You look exactly like your current, up-to-date, photographs and he says, “Your pictures don’t do you justice”.

2. You offered to pay half – Big Points: you are obviously thoughtful and evolved.

3. You both laughed and share a similar sense of humor. Obvious comfort level established.

4. You had one drink – and so did he. Both on very good behavior. Major points.

5. You both passed…

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Are you afraid to be a Single.. dare to be a Double?

What are we all so afraid of in Dating World 2018?

Since when did men and women become so afraid of one another?

Does on line dating perpetuate a fear of rejection…

or a fear of reception?

Perhaps the breakneck speed of online dating has given singles ‘Virtual Whiplash’ and an abject fear of rejection.


If you are enrolled in a dating service like or EHarmony you see a parade of faces skating before your eyes everyday. Lo and behold, the following day, there is another picture parade-of-perfect matches. This may cause side effects of head spinning, heart palpitations and ego swelling.


And so evolves, a virtual shopping spree with a Photo-Shopping bent. Wannabe-daters go from diligently reading profiles and daydreaming to simply scanning pictures.

It might look something like this: Pat: 50, tennis pro, poet, chef, looks good, but Shelly, Noble Peace Prize winner, spelunker, yo-yo champ-looks better. Like a kid on an Easter egg hunt, you pick up one brightly colored object and dismiss it just as quickly, thinking something better will come along. This can’t be good.

Doctor Love: Be intimate and  be independent

Dr Joan M is a leading San Francisco psychologist who studies relationships. She recently said some of her clients have more first-dates than they knew what to do with. One peripatetic client met with 90 women in his first two  years of being newly divorced.

Speedy and Needy? As a result of his speedy and needy date-bait behavior he had the classic Clint Eastwood experience and thought he  met “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

However,with guidance-  he played the numbers game for a long time, was laser-focused and eventually met and wed his true soul mate.

Dr Joan  maintains suddenly single men and women hovering around age 50, want relationships. However, with age, a new requirement has transpired: both sexes have a need for real intimacy and true independence.

They have quaffed the Kool-Aid and succumbed to, as one woman put it, “a need to be in his arms and then be an arm’s length away.” She concluded, a healthy dose of compromise and honesty are necessary for a healthy relationship.

Kissing Frogs

Your call: do you kiss a few frogs, or steadfastly hold out for the perfect Prince Charming / Princess Charisma and be a bachelor for life? Would you open your eyes and heart for a fun and fulfilling relationship with the guy or girl next door?

Take your “Must Have List” – the dreamy, long list of  perfect qualities in your Perfect Mate and shred it ~  Get real.

Look in the mirror: you have to be the person you want to attract.< Ribbit.>

Read: Page Larkin’s Dating 101 – What Are We Afraid of?

San Franciscoamd Marin  Dating@50 Examiner, Page Larkin, welcomes your feedback, questions and queries at

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I’ve got a secret: like Chance Gardener- I like to watch

Watching Marin Co Couples on a First Date. Ouch!

Suddenly Single in Marin


One of Marin’s most famous watering holes is in downtown Sausalito.

Some belly up to the bar to watch the two old curmudgeon bartenders verbally swat and snipe – others come to watch sports and/or throw a couple back.

Then, there are the First Daters. Marin Singles flock to this bar for the location, ambiance and – if, on the odd chance, the date is a homerun – it could turn into dinner –a romantic restaurant near by.

How can you tell a First Dater? They are so obvious by the nervous energy, the all-dressed-up and the posing. Posing is another term for “show and tell.” He wears a class ring or an expensive watch, and rolls his cuff back for all to see. She crosses her legs, throws an arm over the back of the bar stool and displays “attributes.” She leans in – he puts his hand…

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Dear Mr. Easter Bunny, bring me a sweetheart

Dear Easter Bunny,

Skip the chocolate drops, the Pink Peeps and the pastel jelly beans.

 This year, cancel the Marshmallow Eggs and the yummy bonbons from See’s, Godiva and TCHO.

 Bring me a man.

You get around. You know the score: 1.5 zillion single men and women in the United States are online- all hovering over their computer screens Match-ing, being Tinder, seeking Chemistry and Harmony.

It is not all sweetness and light, Mr. Peter Cottontail.

couple-437987__180Mr. Rabbit, I need sugar.

No, not that white stuff and certainly not the high-fructose-corn-syrup stuff, either.  I want real sugar, a sweetheart.

I asked Mr. Sandman to bring me a dream.

eggs-672460__180Didn’t happen.

I even asked Santa Claus (when it was a real Silent Night) to bring a bouquet of mistletoe and put Mr. McDreamy under my tree… And what did I get? Veritable coal in my Christmas stocking. Ouch!

eggs-669237__180Recently, I met one man, he was mad as a March hareLast week, I met another guy, a bike rider – actually – Harley-Davidson /Hells Angels caliber with a gleaming, chrome dome (no hare.)

All I want for Easter is …    So, Mr. Easter Bunny, skip the chocolates and bring me a sweetheart.

Love and kisses,

Miss Marry Marin

aka    Amazing Grace


You are Amazing, Grace!

Thanks for sharing your your “love letter” to  Peter Cottontail. I bet those cute guys on will love it.

Love,  Page


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OMG! Sect in the City? Church hopping

Sect in the City? No Bibles required…

Suddenly Single in Marin

 After years of Dating Research and Development, she  finally concluded, “Where do you meet the perfect guy in the Bay Area?  In Church, of course!”

  In a “I should had V-8” epiphany,  she decided to check out churches for single,  straight, available, age-appropriate, employed/ retired men.
photo_1529_20060508church  Candy called it a new spin on “Sex and the City.”

I told her she should call it “Sect in the City.”   Armed with a  newly created,  Top 10 best churches in San Francisco list, research from Google maps,  a superfluous understanding of local history,  we started the search.  We decided to go to churches, temples and synagogues.  Something told us to skip  Foursquare Gospel,  Bible thumper’s, and snake charmers.  We had a feeling  Mormons would’t take too  warmly to two single women, with blue eye shadow,  short skirts, tall boots, on the lookout for men.

church-christian-winter-snow-161171.jpegSeveral churches had websites promoting “Sacred Singles events (i.e. Bible reading for…

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Dating 101: Don’t ask their height or weight


Hot Tip for  Swinging Singles

In the beginning…

Listen up: Dating Newbies. Sure, you are excited- you have signed up on a dating website and people like you – they really like you. Take a breath. Slow down a little bit.  Tennis Tom in Tiburon may be hot to trot and Freddie in Fairfax may be proposing an afternoon at the hot springs. Buckeye101 may want to wine you and dine you – sight unseen- prior to even speaking on the phone.


Slow Down: Remember, online dating is not a sprint. It is a walk, a stroll, and exploratory. Due diligence is required before the first date – as impetuous as you want to be.  Exchange emails, ask questions, speak on the phone for a long time. Converse and exchange information.

Texting is for sissies.

Meeting for the first time is supposed to be fun, enjoyable, and a potential opportunity to click with a kindred spirit. Play nice. No coy guessing games. No flirting with the hottie at the next table. Bad form – and if your date does it – walk out – time is too precious and that Red Flag is huge.

Discreet: Just because you both signed up for the same dating site doesn’t mean – at first blush – you have to divulge your income, IQ, blood type, or divorce settlement. Yes, it is expected that you both be up front and honest.

Weight, Weight: Don’t tell me:
AKA Wait a minute: Weight and other touchy subjects

  • Even the best of friends don’t ask, “So what are you tipping the scales at now, Tiny?”  We don’t do it.
  •  Why would you ask a heavy-handed question like that on a date? You do the math: they are a S, M, L, or XL.
  •  There’s no way a guy who’s 6’5 can hide that fact.
  • And, Sugar, there’s no way a guy 5’ 6 can pass for 5’10 -so don’t even try.

Your new Mantra: Avoid Bad Dates – life is too short.


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Dating 101: Does sex change everything?

Dating at 50 or Back in the Saddle, again.

When you re-enter the Dating Jungle – the lush, tropical, sultry, sexy jungle of dating – after an acrid, dry, desert of a dead marriage, you learn a lot.  Fast.

Has it been…20 years since your last date?

Here are  few secrets: The clever little games you used to play, so well, in Dating World circa 20 years ago –no longer apply. They are out of style and defunct. Waiting for the phone to ring is so 2001.

Get ready to make the first move, call a man, and to flirt via text. (Note: Skip the sexting – booty calls and sleepovers.)

Get ready for women who date a younger man to be called “Cougars” – and older men who date girls decades younger to be called “Lucky.”

 Relationships in 2018 are faster and more frenetic than you could ever imagine the last time you were single. Actually, dating these days is more like riding the electronic bucking bull that we all saw  in the old John Travolta movie.

You may think, “Even though I am totally out of practice, I will keep my wits about me, I will remained dignified and in control…” and really, at first, Binkie, you will be holding on for dear life.

photo_26831_20130808The First Dates

So you start dating, and you finally connect with a Potential Mr. Right and things progress. 

Just like riding a bucking bronco, not only does the pace pick up, but it becomes more difficult to hang on as time goes on… and you both discover dirty little secrets about one another. He rattles the coins in his pockets as he walks through the DeYoung. Safeway. Church.  He doesn’t tip.  He doesn’t really like anything green – ‘fried everything’ is his menu mantra.

Some of those once ‘endearing’ qualities– he who was so fascinating on every level- now wear a little thin. But you hang in and you hang on. Eventually, you find out he’s thinking about dating two other women. At once.  Hold on!

The Epitome: When something  causes you to lose your footing and you crash – perhaps he reveals his disdain for sex and you almost fall off the floor.  Yes, he’s decided sex hurts his back and his lumbago.

What’s a girl to do? You climb down off the so-called bucking bronco,  walk over to him, extend your hand, give him his walking papers and wish him well in his Winnebago and his lumbago.

Your new mantra:

“Next! The Best is Yet to Come.” photo_1396_20060405


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