Thanksgiving Dinner Rules – no Pajamas, no smart-phones at the table

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Thanksgiving House Rules 2014 Elbows off the table… No Pajamas – Pull on a Party Dress, a Pair of Slacks, Dockers, Denim…Hang your hoodie on the hook. Everyone leaves their Cellphone,  iPhone, Droid,…

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I’m a Party of One ~ with reservations



Dating 101: Here you are, Suddenly Single and all of a sudden, verbs are really important in your life, and you need to define the verbs that define you.

MEN online talk about running, jumping, flying, biking, bouncing, swimming, trotting, racing, pushing, pressing, and lifting, rowing, throwing, spelunking, threading, gasping…

Me? I’m looking for: walking, talking, reading, laughing, listening, smiling, hugs  and showing  for an interest for marathons in hand-holding, beach walking, picnic pursuits…

My idea of a triathlon would be to try a new Cabernet, and hiking to a new picnic site, a leisurely bike ride and getting along swimmingly.

I’m not for triathlons. I’m more for try…anything. Once.decoration-21871__180

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.
Wayne Dyer


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No Parking In San Francisco: meter maids gone wild


San Francisco: Parking Nightmare on All Streets?

Originally posted on Suddenly Single in Marin:


Dear Page Larkin:

I’m one of those ‘Bridge and Tunnelers’ you write about.

But San Francisco doesn’t open up her Golden Gates for me. Oh, yeah, we all come over the Bridge to the bright lights and zero parking.

Last week, I got two parking tickets in San Francisco.

The funny thing, one was imaginary. Get this: I pulled over to the side, engine running, looking for address of a first date with a connection.  A meter maid came along and advised me to move on. I moved instantly. Three weeks later, I  received a $55.00 parking ticket in the mail for that day and time.

I know San Francisco has really big bills, who doesn’t?  Word on the street is that San Francisco makes $90 million a year on parking tickets.

drinxThat night, I had a hot date for dinner in the Marina District.
Like you write…

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Caveat emptor: Beware the flashy, fancy, fake


The con man with je ne se quois

 He borrowed the dog, the car, and the book. He wore a fake Rolex and carried a broken Mont Blanc pen. The only thing that belonged to him was the toupee.

Harry must’ve been a prop master in the theater in another lifetime. He had accumulated enough stuff to have it appear that he was successful. He heartily acted the part and began to believe it himself.

His neighbor agreed to allow him to walk her “chick bait” chocolate Labrador retriever, Kisses. Around 11 AM each day, Harry strolls around the Book Depot and downtown Mill Valley with Kisses- the world’s friendliest dog.

Although he is not a prolific reader, he knows enough about cause and effect and to always carry a New York Times bestseller with him. The library book (never read, always carried) is strategically placed, on the table, bar, or counter for all to see- next to his iPhone 6 and his Mont Blanc pen.

Dress For Success

The sky blue cashmere sweater  tied around his shoulders – appearing rakish – perfectly planned, as well as the deferred maintenance look of old money: tasseled loafers with no socks. Only on the foggiest days he has a Burberry raincoat – two sizes too small- over his arm. He does ‘forget’ his wallet – on occasion. His meager pension and Social Security coupled with the money he gets for writing fake Yelp reviews covers his tight budget. He often jokes that he forgot his wallet and  “depended on the kindness of strangers.”

The con man with je ne se quois

The self-elected mayor of Mill Valley, he goes ‘out to dinner’ out five nights a week. Somewhere in his dating career he had set a goal of having three dates a week. At one time, he rotated between D’Angelo’s, Bungalow44 and the Buckeye Roadhouse.

When money got very tight, he develops a penchant for any Happy Hour and grazing at the free hors’d oeuvres trough.

Cyndie was the most recent innocent victim. She swooned when she saw the 1967 Jaguar XKE. She didn’t know his friend, parked his car at Harry’s house whenever he traveled.

Initially, she fell for the whole package. What’s not to like about a friendly guy with a Jaguar and a smiling chocolate Lab?

Harry was seated outside at the Balboa Cafe a chick magnet if there ever was one- the bestseller book on the tabletop, Kisses at his feet. Single women, inevitably, lean down to pet the beautiful dog.

Chat, chat, flirt, flirt turns into “Join me for coffee” with a little bit of notice my book, my Mont Blanc pen, my iPhone. Not my very expensive toupee.

 Smitten and bitten

Cyndie was a hook, line and sinker smitten until she started asking questions and looking closer. It took one coffee date and a long walk to penetrate the veneer of this very well-rehearsed charlatan. She dodged a hoax.

 The Dating 101 Take away lesson – if it looks too good to be true – start asking the tough questions. Yes, it is polite – and very smart-to ask questions.

Asking few well-placed questions, “How do you like the book? What’s it about Is she your dog? How long have you had the car? Are you the original owner? Where do you work? For how long?…”

Binkie, open up a real dialogue and the truth shall set you free.sad man

Please tell me your Dating 101 Story:


<a href=””>The Great Pretender</a>

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Speechless? Can’t think of what to say on a date?

Spelling Game tiles spell out Help Me

Feeling Tongue Tied and Shy?

First Dates

Let’s say, you haven’t been on a first date – since college. Or 10 years ago…

and you want to ‘Break the ice’ get and a conversation started.

What do you say after “Hello?”

Psychology Today has “36 Questions” to ask to get the Dating conversation ball rolling.

Here are my Top 20 Conversation Starters



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Bouquets and parfaits all on the same day? Oui!


She calls herself the luckiest girl in Larkspur.

After a jaunt through JDate, a mess on, a world of psychic harm on EHarmony she finally left the dating pool and threw in the towel.

On a whim, she volunteered at the local food bank and met a group of interesting people. Evidently, the five friends show up every second Sunday and organize dozens of bags of groceries for the less fortunate. They were lively and fun and worked fast.

One guy, the ringleader, was cute and helped her with sorting cereals, ramen, and oranges. Not only was he charming – he was polite, smart and very funny. She found herself laughing the whole morning.


They invited her to join them at Emperor Rulli for coffee. Like all single women, she nonchalantly checked fingers for rings, and tried to tell if the friends were dating or platonic. She had her eye on “GW.”

As fate would have it, she sat next to GW at the restaurant – he bought her a parfait. She was impressed, tickled and tried to be blasé.

The other four peeled off, one by one, and they remained at the table for another hour and a half – talking and laughing.

She had to leave – he asked her for her phone number and she gave him her card.

She floated to her car…drove to her sister’s house and spent an hour raving about the wonderful (cute clever, sweet,) single guy she has just met.

He had her on “Hello.”

He called that night. They talked for an hour. Her mind was racing when she hung up the phone.

The next afternoon, a stunning bouquet was delivered to her home.

The card said, “I send you love, wrapped in sunshine, tied with a rainbow.”

And that was the beginning of a Real Love Story.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Secret Admirers.”

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Best Pick Up Line – English majors


Best Pick Up Line

I was standing in Book Passages Bookstore in Corte Madera –

and a tall, handsome man walked up to me

and said,

“Hi, may I buy you a book?”

And so it began –

the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


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Pinterest: new free dating site?

images-57The New Free Dating Website?

Check out and Get Interested in Pinterest

Men say that their sisters, cousins, aunts and mothers all rave about Pinterest – so they assumed it was “A no man’s land.”

Don’t dismiss Pinterest as a social media site-For-Girls-Only-No Boys Allowed. Au contraire. Is Pinterest the new, free,

Kelly (49, single –again, human resources executive, has run the Bay to Breakers three times, walked  the Dipsea Race in Mill Valley, is a pastry chef, and an empty-nester) has been on Pinterest for six months. She has very eclectic interests. She started collecting “Pins” – or pictures – of vintage pinup girls. Which led to Vargas pinups which led to cars, which led to an avid interest in Jaguars, her dream: a Prince of a man, hot rods, and car collections.

Mind you, Kelly has been on several times– through the years- and, virtually, struck out. On Pinterest – she felt like the ‘Princess of Interest’ with much interest in her unique pins. And, she met a number of friends- of the male persuasion – and eventually started dating Charles.

That was a year ago. They drive a hot, red Jaguar.


JohnMark, a suddenly-single fly-fishing guide in Montana, has a passel of fabulous pictures of his favorite fly-fishing holes, rivers and streams, colorful fishing flys he crafted and a veritable book -Chamber of Commerce quality –with pictures of Montana. He decided decided to promote his love of fishing and his business and start a site on Pinterest. He had no idea it would cause such a riffle

Fact: Women fish. Fact: Women like fishermen. JohnMark reports his Pinterest Fly-fishing site was up for thee days and, instantly, he had followers and likes and a whole bunch of new “friends.” And he says it’s better than

15DATING1-master675Pinterest: The New Free Dating Site

Sure, it requires a modicum of imagination and time to create five ‘boards’ (collections of your favorite things) to aptly promote you and what you ‘like.”

Think about it: are you interested in sports, swimming to Alcatraz, finding the best cup of java in San Francisco, Andy Goldsworthy, Dogpatch, Pastels, The Dipsea, dogs, crafts, fishing, marathons of (—-) fill in the bank, hiking? Perhaps you have a thing for the flowers, Sunday biking or waterfalls in Golden Gate Park or the new Green Apple Bookstore, cronuts and kite-flying? Exploring and examining the City’s eclectic architecture. There are no limits.

Pinterest is Just like Boys and girls, alike: sign Up, select a “handle,” post a complimentary photograph, write a byline:

San Francisco dreamer (55, single, father of two) – in love with North Beach, Mama’s, Graffeo Coffee, and riding across the Golden Gate Bride to Poggios in Sausalito – ferry back – is looking for a new best friend…even a date for life. Pin me!

Next, choose four or five topics you are interested in – which show off your more “attractive self.”

And, let the hunt begin!

Enjoy the ride. Seriously, give Pinterest a look…you never know who you might ‘like’ and who may ‘like you’ even more…


Put me in Coach: Dating Coach

Page Larkin, San Francisco Dating Coach, works with men and women to spice up their online dating profiles, update tired, old, Profile photographs and shows Singles of An Age – how to get back in the game.

Contact me at

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Do you dare fly the un-Friendly Skies?


Can’t we all just get along?

Everyone – since the Wright Brothers – has an airline horror story…

There are the horrific, unruly, screaming, jumping on the seats, children kicking the seat from SFO to NYC. There is the passenger in front of you reclining their seat into your lap debacle.

Be a good neighbor?

And, your restless over-sized, seat-mate, snoring, burping, crawling over you-multiple times travesty…the list goes on.

Does  High Altitude Naturally Erase Good Manners and Civility?   Once upon a time….we wore suits on airplanes – our conversations were peppered: with Yes, Please and Thank you and No, thank you.

Flight Attendants were treated with respect – we conducted ourselves with a certain decorum. Shoes stayed on, we kept to our seats and gently reclined our seats and went out of our way not to bother another passenger.


When did the laws of the Jungle eradicate good manners and courtesy?

What are the Fundamentals of Good Behavior?

Emily Post’s Big Blue Book was the bible for all proper behavior and etiquette – you could easily access techniques for how to write a Thank you note or a note of condolence, how to conduct yourself at a wedding, funeral, baptism, special event …which fork to use, how to dress for most events even an evening wedding, the proper way to introduce friends and acquaintances…

What? You say you don’t have the time to read a book on courtesy and the fundamentals of good behavior? Okay!

Try the Golden Rule – simply treat other people exactly they way you wish to be treated… and enjoy yourself as you fly the Friendly Skies…Handpainted peace sign in dripping colors

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trains, Planes, and Automobiles.”

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Sleeping around: snoring

HERTS_2276A little rocky…

He snores, she snores…they snore.

Helen lived alone for five years after her divorce. She got “her gumption up” and tried

Within three weeks, she met and was happily dating George. In the beginning, Geoge nonchalantly mentioned he had ‘a bit of a snoring problem.’

Helen laughed and admitted her friends had told her, on occasion, that she snored – just a bit, too. As the relationship progressed and they spent more time together – they both realized the other person was a horrific snorer.

Funny – ha-ha

At first, it was a joke. They each laughed, saying how entertaining that the other person kept them awake part of the night with that terrible snoring sound. Then there were the thinly veiled references to the sounds of        “a small water buffalo” and “a rusty chainsaw” …Ha, ha, ha…

And little by little, and it began to bug each of them

George went to the club and told the guys about sweet Helen and the hellish nights he was having with his paramour. His best buddy, Jack said, “I’ve got a four-letter word for you.” George’s imagination – usually randy and creative was sleep deprived and in slow motion. Jack said,”My friend, one of you needs a CPAP Machine – and it will be Good night, Irene- every night.

And they slept happily ever after…

***Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is a common treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. It includes a small machine that supplies a constant and steady air pressure, a hose, and a mask or nose piece.

Do you have a question, a query, a comment or a conundrum? Drop me a line – tell me how adjusting to being Suddenly Single and Dating Again is working for you.

Thanks for the floods of fan mail – I love you.


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