Top 10 Myths about the BoomBoom Generation

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Busted: Top 10 Myths about the BoomBoom Generation

We are the BoomBoom Generation.Born in the 1950’s and now discovering there is way too much hubbub and hullabaloo about Who we are and What we do. Some call it “mythical” and others call it “mystical.” There is a whole lot of myth/understanding..

Are you a member of the BoomBoom Generation?

Perhaps you Blink or are at your Tipping  Point, well, then you will appreciate:

The Top 10 Urban Legends about the BoomBoom Generation~ Here is what they are saying about us:

  1. We’re  all rich
  2. We’re all retiring
  3. We’re hot – never healthier – never better
  4. We’re building second homes
  5. We’re writing our memoirs
  6. The kids are gone – the nest is empty – It’s party time
  7. We all play golf, tennis, and do yoga – okay, some do pilates
  8. We are on cruises – all the time
  9. Life has…

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Do the meat packing nightmares scare you?

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Exploring: six feet apart? Take a hike

Keep your distance and have fun


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Recycle your old boyfriend and girl friends- yea Earth Day

Recycle bags, bottles, and beaus. Who are the Real Heroes of Recycling? Today’s Top Three:

1. Fire and Light in Arcata recycles tons of old glass and fashions it into glorious rainbow colored plates, bowls, goblets, and candlesticks.

2. Whole Foods takes those villainous old plastic bags and recycles them into colorful, durable, use- for- a- lifetime shopping bags. Check out the leaps and bounds Whole Foods is making to keep the planet green.

3. Karyn, the social maven of Marin, throws an annual ‘Singles Romantic Recycle Earth Day Celebration’. She rolls out the green carpet; she conserves water and serves wine; she encourages everyone into the pool: arrive by carpool. Party favors are tiny redwoods seedlings. The colorful invitation, printed on recycled paper is printed with vegetable dye reads: BYOB – bring your old Boyfriend or Babe.

The Green Party

Party goers must come in couples. Women bring a man they like and they would like to introduce to other women. Perhaps they once dated and there was affection, but zero chemistry. Guys do the same. Bring a friend – make a friend. The way it works is: friends introduce friends and there is an underlying current of matchmaking and conviviality going on. This is the 5th year Karyn has organized the Romantic Recycling party. You can do the same. Your friends will be green. Invite them to a party and romantically recycle your friends.

Celebrate Earth and mirth.

Marin County has always been Green

It used to be, you couldn’t swing a cat in Marin without hitting a geodesic dome, a commune, a community garden, a hot tub replete with Peacock feathers or a yogurt maker. Times, they are a changing.

Now, everybody’s a little more subtle: a) no more swinging those cats, please and, b) everyone more discreet – composting is quiet.

Need a new Earth Day mantra? Go organic, change out light bulbs to CFLs; buy recycled, reuse; no plastic bottles. Conserve water – drink wine and, be sure to recycle your friends.

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Take a walk…take a picture

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Who spent $77 million on golf in 1 year?

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“…He called Barack Obama “the vacationer-in-Chief” and accused him of playing more rounds of golf than Tiger Woods.

He promised to never be the kind of president who took cushy vacations on the taxpayer’s dime, not when there was so much important work to be done.

You bought it.

But in his first 9 months he has spent nearly 25 percent of his days at one of his golf properties for some portion of the day, according to Golf News Network, at a cost to taxpayers of an estimated $77 million.


That’s already more taxpayer money on vacations than Obama cost in the first 3 years of his presidency.

Not to mention all the money taxpayers are spending protecting his family, including his two sons who travel all over the world on Trump business.”

Taken from Robert Reich November 8 2017 Posting Facebook


 #45 Reading important documents

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Who are these people?

Fact: 45’s handling of the crisis continues to be very polarizing.

As of Thursday evening, 47.5 percent approved of his response,

                                      while 48.7 percent disapproved.

And according to a The Economist/YouGov poll conducted

from April 12 to 14, …..52 percent of Americans believe #45 waited (way)

too long to take action on Covid 19,

while 33 percent think he acted

at the appropriate time. 


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Put me in, coach – Tips from Dating coaches

Suddenly Single in Marin


It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy…

A good friend, Matt, is new to the Dating Whirl. Divorced for over two years,  he is still in that quasi-reclusive stage.

Perhaps the way he was treated by wacky judges and aggressive lawyers took the joie de vivre and the starch out of him.

Friends encouraged him to get ‘Out There’ and date.  They regaled him with so many successful dating  stories and, yet, he was hesitant to go beyond a second date. No, I  didn’t say second base.

Pink20140127-2Serendipity happens

Matt recently attended a Medical Equipment Sales Conference at the downtown Hilton.  He said the hotel was teeming with conventioneers.   On the first day, he noticed dozens of women, and a handful of men, flocking to a particular ballroom near his meeting room.  He said there were a ton of pink balloons and multiple  giant vases with red roses at…

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April 1: my backyard garden


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Me Talk Pirate – one day – Fake profiles

Learning a new language can be challenging, in the best of times.

David Sedaris, my favorite humorist, describes his hilarious and futile efforts at speaking French in France in his book, Me Talk Pretty One Day. He tried and failed, much to our immense amusement.

Remember high school French and stumbling over the sins of syntax and subjective adverbs? In time you learned conjugal visits were different from conjugated verbs.    Agreed, mastering the English language is hard.                                                                    Just look at the ESL Nigerian scam artists who attempt to cleverly climb their way into you life.

Lately, there are ESL Nigerian pirates climbing aboard the virtual Love Boats of on line dating sites like and Plenty of Fish. Avast ye, daters.

The plan of attack is formulaic. Patsy X. reports she received a “wink” from a handsome man who looked like a LL Bean model. His opening line was:
“I’ll love you like there is no tomorrow.” Next, she said, the English began to melt like an ice cream cone in July. He continued, “I newly approach this renewed journey with caution as my feelings and heart are quick to get the best of my head. I too am not a night life person, I prefer to stay in a home or be someplace spacial.” And he concluded with, “Honest always as there is nothing that I can think of it that would it make wrong. I have a very beat off sense of humor and I am quick with wit.”

On closer inspection, Patsy X. reported the ‘quick with wit guy’ – the blonde model/citizen was, indeed, wearing a LL Bean shirt. She surmises the photo must have been clipped out of the catalog. She deleted the dude and reported the ‘fake’ to the powers that be at

Valerie reports her “wink” came from a Burt Lancaster in ‘From Here to Eternity’ look alike, sporting six-pack abs.                                    

His opening line, “Hey there I am from California, the state that state governor can’t spell Well, we can’t spell his last name either, so it’s fair enough.” The first sentence was peppered with five smiley faces.

Finally, Mr. California wrote, “I have written humor texts in the past, I can share my work if you need proof (smiley face, again) Please contact and let’s further talk.” He posted 10 photos of various places in the world (extracted from old National Geographic magazines?) and four, very out of focus photos of men who faintly resembled one another. All had one common denominator: they all had black hair.                                                                            Valerie also quickly deleted the scam artist’s efforts.

Caveat Emptor. There is a movement afoot to throw these scallywags off the boat and stop the potential pillaging. Buyer beware of the scams – that am. Freebooters be gone.


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