Happiest Valentines Day?


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Classic OKCupid Scam- can you spot the lies?

Valentines Day – and every day – look out for FAKE DATES

Suddenly Single in Marin

Four women in the Bay Area received this scam artist’s “Come On” and sent it on to me. I love playing “Spot the Scam,” do you?

How many lies, tales, false statements in this online dating profile jump out at you?

Psst: The first clue was the fake photo -which was a copy and pasted from a mens’clothing  catalog.


Mr. El Dorado “writes”

My self-summary:  I try to always be a gentleman. Besides walking the beach and watching the sun set(In landlocked El Dorado Hills?) I love to go walking hand in hand in a gentle summer rain, sit and cuddle on the couch watching a good movie or just taking.

On a typical Friday night I am:  Cooking dinner with my love and watch movie haha..

You should message me if   What do i want? i am looking for a woman that takes pride in himself

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Valentine’s Day: Are you Seeing Red? Pink?

The Valentine’s Day marketing massacre

starts days after Christmas.

Towers of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, buckets of long stemmed red roses and stacks of Valentine’s Day cards start filling the store’s display cases.

Vitamin C for your heart

Valentine’s Day is famous for the push towards the Three C’s: chocolate, champagne, and cards.
Now, even more, there is big push for cupcakes and cookies and calories. Wait until you see the pink, heart shaped, bagels.

See’s has plump bags filled with red-hot hearts, red foil covered chocolate hearts and beautiful red satin, heart-shaped boxes filled with yummy dark or milk chocolates. Tables are piled high with over 30 different candy gift-boxes –all variations of a chocolate theme. It is no surprise: More Chocolate is purchased on Feb 13/14 than any other  two days~

Cupid Made Me Do It
Here’s the great thing about  Valentine’s Day:

Yes! You can send Sweet Valentines  (snail mail, e-mail, text,  Or  hire the yellow airplane from Oakland that pulls the banner)   to everyone you know

Now is the time to reach out…touch someone… send a “kiss“  to every heart-throb,  crush, flirtation, wanna be sweetheart ~ and say,  “Cupid made me do it’…

balloon-1046658__180 Keep it light?

Always err on the side of light – helium light.

Remember: February 14th is the best day of the year to throw caution to the wind and send fun and flirty salutations. Keep it simple, sweetie: A simple card and / or a suggestion about going for a hike, meeting  for coffee, tea or  a glass of bubbly is a sweet idea…

It’s good for your heart. Blame Cupid.

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Son of a Mitch




I have always tended toward a lush prose style, but I take care to modulate it from story to story and to strip it down entirely when necessary.
Jeff Vandermeer
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Dating 101: Men of an Age


“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.”

Winston Churchill



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How long can a woman actually be 55?


Georgina had changed, updated and concealed her age for so many years, sometimes she actually thought she was 55.

Double nickels

Last year, her friends gave her a surprise party at 555 California in San Francisco. She loved the idea of double nickels at triple nickels. She thought about it, and wondered if her friends been taunting her or treating her. 

Some of the girls thought Georgina was very crafty in the way she concealed her age. With the beginning of the New Year, she  started with the Barre System- she called it  “Pilates on steroids.” Her years of yoga had given her a very lithe and svelte body.

Of course, there was always the so-called, “Air-ian Diet” that she claims to have invented.  The trick to the diet was to eat very little. Georgina  was a pro at ordering a salad for lunch or dinner-and pushing a piece of lettuce around the plate for an hour. She might indulge in three or four pieces of lettuce. She told her closest friends that eating was boring, time-consuming- and something a single person should never do alone. Hence, the cheek bones and hipbones.


Her friend thought she was kidding. 

Waiters at some of the splashiest restaurants in  San Francisco, can spot the St. John Knit crowd of Air-ian Dieters. These are the women who are anxious to order a dry- martini, straight up, with three olives. They order the salad du jour, refuse any bread or butter, and very casually push the lettuce around the plate.

Pretty crafty? Only the waiters  busboys, maitre’d, and other diners can tell…










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Your Valentine’s Day Motto: Flirt Early and Flirt Often


Suddenly Single in Marin

Valentine’s Day is a sugar rush for See’s Candy

and for Hallmark.

Florists are in seventh heaven with dozens of acres of red roses bought and sold in February. What about the rest of us, sweetheart?

Valentine’s Day is about happy hearts, hugs, flirting, wearing all shades of red, pink and crimson. February 14th is the one day of the year we can “Blame it on Cupid” while we gather up courage to flirt early and flirt often.

Top Ten Ways to Get your mojo moving and in the mood for Valentine’s Day

  1. Say ‘hi’ to that cutie you see every day
  2. Smile at strangers
  3. Send Valentines wishes (roses are red, violets are blue, meet me at…)
  4. Invite a ‘hearty’ acquaintance to join you for a walk through the Presidio – and a drink at Liverpool Lil’s
  5. Wear red – all week long.
  6. Buy “Big Hunk” candy bars for…

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Mad Men in Spandex in a pique of Road Rage


The Boys aren’t happy.

A passel of Marin men want, nay, demand, their Bike Rights.

In a “No one is going to tell us what to do!” huff – they have taken to their  bikes and and are riding when and where and at  what speed they very well please.


Reams of Letters to the Editor and Sermons from the hill in Mill Valley have been parsed.

Hey! Move that Baby Stroller

The Mad Men say “…the group intends to organize mass rides on narrow trails, to picket any meeting that might be disruptive to any or all of the county supervisors, and may sue the county.


UPDATE:   On its Facebook page, the New Paradigm Trail Group posted a statement that sounded a like a shot over the bow if not an outright declaration of war:
“The RTMP is a failure, and its implementation must be modified or destroyed. We stand alongside Marin County Bicycle Coalition and Access4Bikes in demanding more trail access, but do not think the current tactics have gotten us the access that we need. We will be as disruptive as possible, acting within the guidelines of the law.”
Meanwhile, non-bikers have lined up in opposition:
Nona Dennis of the Marin Conservation League said that horseback riders and hikers actually make up 75 percent of the the open space’s users, not 55 or 60 percent. (She’s right, according to Korten.)

She says the sport “pushes the envelope” in terms of speed and maneuverability.



Meanwhile, The Greek Chorus in the farce hums “Get A Life.” 


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Hug, kiss, shake hands? First date protocol?

Hugs and Kisses?

Suddenly Single in Marin

photo_2990_20070822Oh, happy day… a date!

The first date. It finally happened.

After weeks of trawling online for a kindred spirit, you’ve connected with someone you rather like.You exchanged the requisite three e-mails, two telephone calls, and both decided upon meeting for the proverbial   ‘coffee date.’

Avoid these Top 10 blunders and bloopers. Remember: Never Ever

1. Arrive late and fail to apologize.

2. Post an ancient photo of yourself, which doesn’t remotely resemble you.

3. Assume the other person will pay for coffee. You are a big girl/boy.

4. Take and make phone calls during the date.

5. Share details about your divorce. Nobody wants to hear about it. Really.

6. Advertise you are divorced, when you’re really separated. Truth in advertising is big in this area, too.

7. Ask your date how much they weigh, their height, age, or salary.

8. Regale your date with stories of your…

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Next! Looking for a new boyfriend


It didn’t take Mimi long to realize that Claude was a boor. And a clod.

Her best friend, Trish, raved about the great looking dude who drove the ancient Mercedes and lived on a houseboat in Sausalito. She said he was quirky and fun.

Mimi met Claude at the No Name Bar in Sausalito – he was like Norm on Cheers –  everyone seemed to know his name. Points: he was well-liked. On their first date, he was interesting, had great stories to tell and he amused her. She might have had one glass of wine too many.

Two weeks later he called her to meet for drinks. She would have preferred  a hike, a jaunt to the City, a meal together. In a ‘what-the-heck’ frame of mind, she agreed to meet him at the famous, old restaurant, the Trident.  She dressed to impress; she wore her red leather jacket, boots, new Jeans and a necklace from Charming Charlie’s. She looked great.

When she arrived, he was “In his cups.” Again, everyone knew his name. By the time she had sipped half her glass of wine he realized ol Claude was tipsy, edgy – bordering on rude. He complimented her manicure. Strange. Next, he lapsed into a diatribe about American women and weight. He looked at her, reached for her hand and slurred that “her designer jeans were not cutting it.”

Mimi, stood up, and pulled a Churchill – She said, “Sir, you are drunk – and you will be drunk again tomorrow – I will be continue to be both smart, sober  and stunning and not available to the likes of you.”



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