Two Worst Party Invitations – don’t try this at home

The Millenials at the start up work really hard…as a result,  their social skills are rusty – to say the least. They work way too hard and party way too little.

Wanting to appear crazy fun- they sent out this Come to the Party invitation:


Meanwhile, across town, a bunch of engineers decided to have a wild and crazy Christmas bash and created this sweet, if not, demure Holiday Invite:

Group of Multiethnic Diverse Cheerful People

What’s wrong with these invites? Remember, Rule #1 Invitations: No photo required. Rule #2 Invitations: Keep it Simple: Who, What When and  Where.                                        (Funny Hats optional.)

For Invite Help See:


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Happy Earth Day: Recycle old boyfriends day

san-francisco-733508_240Earth Day Celebrate: The 3 R’s: Recycle, Refer and

Re- date for Romance

Kathleen   writes,”Her New Year’s Resolution was to date as many men as necessary to find her Boyfriend-For-Life.” She signed up for speed dating and enrolled  at She kept a journal of each and every date. After a few months, she met George at a speed-dating event. They are a classic ‘Love at first sight – Happily ever after’ anomaly. It happens.

The story gets better: Kathleen studied her Dating Journal  and started fixing her girl friends up with guys that didn’t she didn’t match or click with. She took Recycling Boyfriends to a whole new level. Think about it.

Re-Dating: Erinne has a fat Little Black Book and calls guys she dated a year or two ago – and randomly asks them out for coffee, a night of dancing at the Sea Horse in Sausalito or Trivia in San Rafael. She says, “You never know if the chemistry has changed or improved.” Go, Erinne!

red-319374__180-2Friends introducing Friends red-319374__180-2

Now there is a ‘hearty’ concept. Who can you recycle? Think of one guy and one girl – who might be a “match.” Introduce them. Play it forward – be a real matchmaker.


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You aren’t getting any younger – says who?

Happy 39th birthday – again!

Suddenly Single in Marin

glasss photoDylan Thomas was right.

Don’t go gentle into the night…

Linda, 75, calls them “Old Dolls” – elderly women trying desperately to look decades younger.

Her neighbor, Eve, is 80 and admits to being around-60. Eve wears a Joey Heatherton (‘60’s) blonde wig, a padded, push-up bra, leggings, spiky false eyelashes and fake fingernails. She shops in the teenage section and buys all of her jewelry at H&M. She ruefully admits her days of wearing super, high-heels are over…she defers to trendy leopard print ballet slippers. Eve says, “When you are hot, you’re hot!”

More than once, men have admired Eve from the back- and are quite surprised to find out- she’s older – like 40 years older, than they thought.

Getting Around

Eve refuses to use a walker in public. She has a cane, decorated with pastel ribbons, reserved for special occasions. (i.e. long walks)

Her close, male…

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I had to laugh! Online dating pictures gone wild

sad man

Every online dating site you will log on to will advise you to post up-to-date, flattering photos.

EHarmony suggests four or more photographs, landscape, 3×4 portraits.  Smiling pic of you are most successful. Wacky photos (wearing a lampshade, guzzling a bottle of wine) are no-no’s. Absolutely: No photos of you taken with a cellphone in the mirror. No Hiding Behind Hats and Sunglasses photos, Binkie.

Fake photos -photo -shopped/ touched up photos – or 10 year old snaps of you as a cute kid -warrant a  100% failure rate. 

The Naked Truth?

The most provocative, hysterical, risqué,  photo that slipped through the Pix Police at was a photo of 12 naked men – various poses-  on a ledge above a river. Yes, the photo was taken from afar. How many women saw that photo before it was erased?

What do you say to a Naked Men’s Group? Hello, Sailor!

Skip the fake photos…select at least four  current photos and tell me now how that is working for you.  Have fun out there!


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I’m ready for my close up, Mr.


Dating 101: You ought to be in Pictures – flattering pictures

Extensive evidence indicates that guys involved in the dating game, cast a wider net than women. Men generally have very few limits, or restrictions, when they are looking for potential dates. As a rule, guys tend to “reach out and touch” more women – more often.

Men are consistently labeled as being ‘visual.’ Some say men get virtual whiplash from rapidly scanning photographs of women on

bookMen are all about pictures.

Dating guru, Dr Diana Kirschner, author of the best selling, Love in 90 Days, encourages women to register on, at least, two dating sites and to make the online date-quest a daily habit. The more current, flattering pictures the better. We agree, photos of your cats – not so much. And a pox on anyone posting photos of themselves in high school (unless it was two years ago.)

Dr Diana reveals– Check out Pages 66 – 74 in your copy of Love in 90 Days for “The Six Secrets of Online Dating Success.”  Chapter and verse are dedicated to the importance of great online photos. (Tip: Your Photo is Everything)

The Good Dr. demures: You will have to go through a lot more DUDS to get to the STUDS

What Not to Do:

How far away the stars seem, and how far is our first kiss, and ah, how old my heart. William Butler Yeats


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The top 10 places in Marin County to meet women

Saturday News: Hot Spots/Ladies of Marin

Suddenly Single in Marin


Where do you go to meet women in Marin County? Everywhere…

Demographics, darling… It’s all about demographics. 

Take a look: there are more Single Women – per capita- than single men in Marin County.

The Top 10 Places to Meet Women in Marin:

1.Film Festivals – There are more film festivals, per-capita, in Marin than any other county in California.  Just being at a film festival  is a natural way to encounter a kindred spirit. The Mill Valley Film Festival is the best! In addition to great parties, easy access, stellar movies – there are happy people everywhere…Note: 76% of the volunteers are women.

Best technique: Nonchalantly comment on a genre, director, star, long line, paucity of tickets. It all starts with a smile and a question… “Do you know…”  fill in the blank and start a conversation. Lights, camera, action!

2. Trader Joe’s: on Sunday from 5:30 p.m. to…

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Kissing and Voting: Early and Often

The Language of Lovephoto_1799_20060717kiss

Mae West, a goddess if ever there was one – was sultry, sexy, smart and very witty. She often spoke about kissing.

April is now proclaimed National Kissing Month. Your job? Celebrate April  The Kissing Month by increasing your kissing, smooching, quicks pecks, lingering lip locks. Get on the Buss!

New Motto: Bring back The Make Out Session


“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous”. Ingrid Bergman


“Kiss me and you will see how important I am.” Sylvia Plath


“The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts a great deal longer”. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


“I don’t think you should feel about a film. You should feel about a woman, not a movie. You can’t kiss a movie.”    Jean-Luc Godard

“You should be kissed often and by somebody who knows how.” Rhett Butler


The Kissing Month- Happy April!

Get on the Buss!


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OurTime: One girl’s story of woe and whoa!

Beware: Dating Sites to avoid? Take a look

Suddenly Single in Marin

san-francisco-733508_240 – A waste of time? One woman’s story of  dead ends and dead beats?

The first 10 men to “wink” at her were from The A-states: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, and Alaska. She said, “So very G. U.” (Geographically Unacceptable.)

A bunch of farmers, cowboys, ranchers clicked “I’m interested”       They apparently were from the sister website Farm-match or Western and had neglected to “opt out” to be instant members of Our There was nothing on her profile that indicated any interest in cows, cowboys, rodeos, or farm life.

In her profile, Tilley, indicated that she taught English literature at “a school in Palo Alto.”

 A Rose By Any Other Name: Then she said, there were the men with bizarre “screen names” like Lonelyandwaiting, Gspot, Ready4 fun, Snugglebunnie, Trumpet Poodle, and Justwannaluv, that were off-putting.

sad manNo boundaries?

In the interest of time, she said the flood…

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Mr. Easter Bunny, bring me a sweetheart

Dear Mr Easter Bunny, Bring me a man….

Suddenly Single in Marin

Dear Easter Bunny,

Skip the chocolate drops, the Pink Peeps and the pastel jellybeans.

 This year, cancel the marshmallow eggs and the yummy bonbons from See’s, Godiva and TCHO.

 Bring me a man.

You get around. You know the score: 1.5 zillion single men and women in the United States are online- all hovering over their computer screens Match-ing, being Tinder, seeking Chemistry and Harmony. It is not all sweetness and light, Mr. Peter Cottontail.

couple-437987__180Mr. Rabbit, I need sugar.

No, not that white stuff and certainly not the high-fructose-corn-syrup stuff, either.  I want real sugar, sweetheart.

I asked Mr. Sandman to bring me a dream.

eggs-672460__180Didn’t happen.

I even asked Santa Claus (when it was a real Silent Night) to bring a bouquet of mistletoe and put Mr. McDreamy under my tree… And what did I get? Veritable coal is my stocking. Ouch!

eggs-669237__180Recently, I…

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Kiss me- I’m Green – Growing up Irish

St Patrick’s Day – A National Holiday for the Irish!

Suddenly Single in Marin

A world of Shamrocks, shillelaghs, Guinness and blarney

In second grade, at the St. Patrick’s Day talent show, George Daily recited a poem he wrote weaving in the surnames of everyone in our class. He cleverly used all 55 names and finished with a flourish that now seems more James Joyce than eight-year-old boy.

In grammar school I walked to class with the Murphys, the Donovans, and the Sullivans. I ate lunch with two Maureens, two Colleen’s, Mary Kate, Mary Ellen, and Mary Margaret.

On our street we had Burns, Burkes, Brennans, Callaghans, Monaghans, and the Falk families. The milkman was Mr. Walsh and the grocer was Mr. Kelly.

At our high school reunion, 50% of us had become “Collapsed Catholics.”      60% of us were English majors; everybody had memories and memoirs.   Mary Elizabeth Moriarty (Prom Queen and cheerleader)  was once a nun,  kicked the habit and married…

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